The Story-line 

Act 1

  1. NewGrange at Dawn
  2. Celtic Air
  3. Dancing at the Crossroads 
  4. The Dublin Medley
  5. The Drill
  6. The Plight of the Irish
  7. Beat of the Bodhran
  8. The Gathering
  9. The Fireside
  10. The Departing 
  11. Life is but a Dream

Act 2

  1. Dawn’s First Light
  2. Songs Of Our Homeland
  3. The Bodhran Piece
  4. Lads and Lassies
  5. Trading Tunes
  6. Sean Nos
  7. The Town I Loved (song)
  8. The Irish in America (Swing Piece)
  9. Musicians Finale
  10. Home
  11. Finale
  12. Encore

Newgrange at Dawn
The show begins in Newgrange, one of Ireland’s natural wonders. Slow percussion builds as the dancers emerge on stage, standing strong, waiting for the sun to rise, bringing light, bringing life and giving them life. The dance builds until the full troupe are dancing together in powerful synchronisation, we are the people of Ireland.

Celtic Air
Although we stand strong today, our journey has been long, follow us back across the ocean to where it all began.

Dancing at the Crossroads
A lone musician plays, beaconing to all near and far. We gather together any place we can, to play our music, our song our dance.

The Dublin Medley
Our journey now takes us to Dublin’s fair city. Where we sing songs of old, telling the tales of the past we once knew.

The Drill ( Boys Acapella)
The male dance troupe take you through a variety of different rhythms, from the basic to the most detailed intricate fast footwork. Each exhibiting the power and strength of the males competing to be the best.

The Plight of the Irish
This piece displays the female soft shoe called a slip jig, it is danced with grace, like a swan. As the female troupe gather on stage the female lead emerges, powerful and strong she leads her troupe, standing victorious.

Beat of the Bodhran
Our female lead is stirred by a rhythmic force, a brief encounter, she is not wooed and leaves. The powerful beats of the tribal drum transports us back to where it all began. The rhythms intricate and dynamic, a perfect rivalry to the percussive feet.

The Gathering
The band burst into uplifting irish music, calling out to the dance troupe, the party has begun.

The Fireside
Everyone gathers around the fire for a slower set. A time to reflect on our nations struggle before an inevitable journey.

The Departing (song)
So the time has come for us to leave Ireland, our journey continues for a place to call home.

Life is but a Dream
Some of us must leave behind our loved ones, our home is no more, we search for new lands, but let us not be sad, let us celebrate.

Dawns First Light
The sun rises on a new place, our future’s are bright and full of possibilities.

Songs of our Homeland
Envoking memories, this ever changing melody of songs closest to our musicians hearts.

The Bodhran Piece
The male troupe battle through rhythms as the Bodhran player try’s to win over our female leader.

Lads and Lassies
New places bring new inspirations, we take what we learn from the locals and make it our own. 

Trading tunes
Irish music is deep rooted in tradition, but as we travel the world, we meet new people along the way and learn from their traditions. Cultures exchanging.

Sean Nos
Our oldest native dance style, free, simple yet intricate, from this irish dance evolved into the militant powerful style we see today, the Irish cast battle the Sean nos dancer, and join forces, old and new, in harmony.

The Town I Loved (Song)
Harking back to the place where we grew up in song, dance and tradition.

The Irish in America (Swing Piece)
The Irish in America; we find our cast in a different setting, the past is behind us and new places have brought a different era, it’s swing time.

Musicians finale
Our band bring you their final performance in the show, highlighting each soloist and bringing the house down with foot stomping live Irish music.

After all our time spent in foreign places, we must now return home, to celebrate our culture and heritage through music and dance.

The Irish bid farewell to all the new friends we have made throughout the show.