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The Young Irish Tenors

Throughout the history of Irish music the male tenor voice has cast a long and distinguished tradition. This powerful vocal form sits beautifully alongside the other traditions of Irish music. After touring the world Rhythm of the Dance returned to Ireland to recuperate and reconnect with its roots, it was during this period that the producers of Rhythm of the Dance were captivated by the powerful voices of the Young Irish Tenors. Work began immediately to incorporate their gifted voices into the show. If the reaction of the worldwide audiences are anything to go by then their contribution has been hugely appreciated. The Young Irish Tenors perform many much loved Irish ballads such as, Danny Boy, Star of County Down, The Kerry Dancers, Carrickfergus, Molly Malone, Trotting to the Fair, and Phil the Fluthers Ball. Now for the first time the Rhythm of the Dance has compiled the best recordings of The Young Irish Tenors on one album for your enjoyment.