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As if it wasn't enough to get standing ovations to 6000 people at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow , we were then joined back stage by Hollywood legend Steven Seagal who thoroughly enjoyed our show .. an absolute gentleman and so gracious with his time !! What an honor for the cast of Rhythm of the Dance !!

Rhythm of the Dance's latest Tour is attracting rave reviews, to read what the reviewers have to say [CLICK HERE]

Performed by The National Dance Company of Ireland, this incredible, highly-professional show saw fans gasping and shouting out in awe - while clapping and stomping their feet along to the music in true Celtic style throughout the two-hour performance.

Rhythm of the Dance break new ground with PBS Special.

Spectacular! Stirring! Sweeping! Stunning! Sensational!

These are words television viewers, critics, and Public Television Affiliates alike, are expressing after recently viewing the new 2013 television pledge special, “Rhythm of the Dance” – now airing exclusively on Public Television in the United States.

Taking over two years to film and produce the ambitious project, Winmill Films, a California-based production company, travelled far and wide throughout the Emerald Isle, capturing live dance performances at rarely seen locales and historic sights. Shooting at over thirty-eight scenic locations, this stunning television special premiered on St. Patrick’s Day in dozens of major cities as a two-hour prime time Pledge Special for Public Television. Additional multi-camera video production also captured the live energy of the international stage show, at the Theater de Tamboer in Amsterdam! Both the locations and stage footage were combined and woven into a mesmerizing visual one-hour show.